Worship is an important practice in the life of all Christians, and therefore, becomes an important ministry opportunity for those who are gifted in music and singing.  While the practice of worship is by no means limited to the singing of songs, singing is one way that we can express our praise and worship to God and is exemplified in scripture repeatedly.  Our intimacy of fellowship with God grows as we choose to recognize His rightful place on the throne of our lives through the expression of our worship toward Him. 

We recognize that the most important thing that we do corporately when we are assembled together is to study God's word, which is also an act of worship.  Worshiping in song can and should work in conjunction with our study of the Bible to support this most important ministry.

Our vision for the ministry is first and foremost to raise up musicians and singers who are worshipers first.  We believe proficiency in playing and singing to be important in facilitating the congregation's worship of God, as the Bible confirms in Psalm 33:3 when it says that we should "play skillfully".  But no matter how proficient we are at playing our instrument or singing our songs, our effectiveness at leading the congregation in worship will always be dependent upon and affected by our own personal worship times with our Lord.

Having made this point, we are always trying to find ways to give opportunities to those who do possess gifts in the area of music and singing.  To this end, we have established several things designed to bring new people into the worship ministry.  Things like the musician's fellowship and regular auditions for both musicians and singers are offered to create an atmosphere that lets our congregation know that we want them to use their gifts for the Lord.

 We believe that a worshiping body is a healthy body.

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