One Step

Purpose: To provide a Christian alternative to secular counseling through Biblical guidance. Biblical guidance is a walk through God's Word in those times when the world seems as though it is closing in on all four sides with nowhere else to go.

The Difference Between the Commonly Used "Twelve Step" Program and "One Step" Program

Twelve Step is based on humanistic philosophy and man's wisdom, while the One Step program is based on God's wisdom which is found in the Word of God (Bible). Also, the "One Step" program offers the hope of eternal life in Jesus Christ where the "Twelve Step" program doesn't. We want to see people come to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, and help them become true and spiritually healthy disciples of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ didn't just come to die for our sins, but came to deliver us from the bondage of sin and gives us the gift and hope of Eternal Life.

Vision: To comfort and encourage those who are dealing with life-dominating sins or may have family members who are dealing with life-dominating sins like chemical dependency (drugs), alcohol, sexual immorality, anger, violence, gambling, etc.


Meeting Dates and Times: Friday nights, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm in the Jr. High School room, in the Children's Ministry building.  Children's Ministry is available.

Ministry Pastor: Brian DuPont