High School

The goal of Two Forty Two Student Ministries is to lead every teenager to believe in Jesus Christ for eternal life; that they would bond with other believers, being built up in their faith through the Word of God causing them to break out in passionate service while bringing forth honor to God's name.

Believe in = evangelism

Bond with = fellowship

Built up = discipleship

Break out = ministry

Bringing forth = worship

Believe In = We must realize that every teenager’s soul is on the balance of eternity! We, as God's representatives, must share the Good News that Jesus loves them and died on the cross so that their sins might be forgiven and that they might have abundant and eternal life by believing in Jesus Christ.

Bond With = That all the youth would bond with each other in unity to encourage, instruct, and stir one another to godliness.

Built Up = In our pursuit of making disciples, we will instruct them in the Word of God. Leading them not only to hear the Word but to also heed the word, causing them to live a Christ-like life.

Break Out = That every youth would break out exercising their God-given gifts in the body of Christ and in the world that surrounds them. Remember, "Ministry takes place when divine resources meet human needs through loving channels to the glory of God.” 

Bring Forth= That everything that encompasses the life of the youth would bring forth honor to God's name. That every action, attitude, word, and deed would be pleasing and bring glory to God.


Pastor: Daniel Etter

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